Your property is our business

Keep a watchful eye on your real estate investments, your vacant homes, your rented or leased property with a click. Scheduled photos allow our customers to view on-demand imagery of homes, neighborhoods, buildings, and more. Our customers receive instant notifications. Tag issues for your reference. Images are instantly available in PDF format for you to print or send. Avoid unnecessary fines, citations, and headaches by taking advantage of our premium service. We are the ONLY Real Estate Investment (REI) check photography service in the State of Oklahoma specializing in check photography.

Why use Propeek?

Squatters are a nuisance. The quicker you know the faster you can take action. Let Propeek do the work on your behalf. In addition to your scheduled photos we include a detailed description of your property.

After severe weather, property damage photos are our specialty. Wind and hail damage photos are delivered on-schedule, on-demand. We work with insurance companies.

Suspicious of activity or want to keep a vigilant eye on your investment properties? Owners, landlords, property management companies, and state agencies use our affordable method to save time and resources. Clear your conscience with Propeek.

Neighborhood watch photos can be scheduled to assist with problem areas around parts. City and state agencies use our premium services to schedule yearly or quarterly property assessment photos.

How it works

Alleviate the hassle of inspecting your properties

  • We capture monthly, bi-weekly photos for residential, commercial, and other properties.
  • We tag and note issues if we find them. Login and tag additional items. Address your issue with property or tenants.
  • Propeek takes scheduled photos as long as you want.

Unfortunately severe weather is a fact of life. Your insurance company may require high-quality images of wind, hail, and other damage to assess before they pay your claim.
The time and hassle of returning can pose safety issues due to downed powerlines, ruptured gas lines, and more.
Propeek works with homeowners and insurance companies to take the required pictures of your property. With the owner’s permission Propeek will provide additional photos of the inside of a property.
Insurance companies can contact Propeek and provide image requirements and payment.

Our customers include…Owners, Landlords, City and State Agencies, Property Management Companies, Insurance Companies, and more.

With your permission we will photograph on private property. There are limitations. Propeek will photograph commercial properties, vacant lots, and more. If there are issues you will be notified and tags will be included on your photos.


We're proud of our services

Travis G. Simpson

I work for a large out-of-state real estate investment firm. This service has served us well and saved us a tremendous amount of time and resources so we can keep an eye on our multi-tenant properties and other vacant structures. I highly recommend their affordable services. We are very satisfied.

Travis G. Simpson
Managing Partner, North Amco Real Estate Tampa, FL

Patricia D. Raymond

I love Propeek. This service is unique and meetings my requirements. I live in Colorado but I own several properties back in Oklahoma City. Propeek allows me keep in eye on my rent houses.

Patricia D. Raymond
Property Owner from Oklahoma will abide by your requirements and equally respect your tenant's privacy. We will not enter or drive on private property.
Several high-quality photos will be taken within seconds then you will be notified via e-mail. If there are possible issues or items of concern the photographer will notate them by tagging the photo. Hover over the tag to view what was noted.

Our customers include...Owners, Landlords, City and State Agencies, Property Management Companies, Insurance Companies, and more.